What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of taking a site that currently isn’t ranking for its keywords and optimizing to in a way that makes it favorable to the search engines. This can be done many different ways and some common terminology used by seo’ers is white hat tactics and black hat tactics. White hat tactics involves the use of specific tactics that are favorable to google and generally don’t go outside of the terms of services put into place. Black hat tactics completely disregard the term of service and use tactics that are frowned and generally end up with the target websites being penalized of even deindexed. This can be detrimental to a business that works with a company that uses black hat tactics because their website has the potential of being deindexed which virtually means that website is useless.

White hat tactics are better to use because they adhere to the terms of service and they generally work, just at a much slower rate.  White hat tactics involve creating local citations that point back to the website you are trying to rank in the search engines. These citations are for the most part directories that point back to your website and they generally have the businesses NAP (name, address, phone number) on them. It is imperative that you have your NAP identical on all the citations you create in order to have them work properly. If your NAP is incorrect and not consistent throughout your citation it will, for lack of better terms, confuse the algorithms thus making it hard for the search engine to truly know the exact location of your business. By having these citations built properly it will help you website to rank in the “snack pack” better known as the maps. The benefit of being found in the maps is the fact that you show at the top of the search engine results and this can happen even if your website isn’t found on the top of the page.

Black hat tactics are used by companies that have no regard for the work they are doing and they are more worried about the paycheck they will receive. This is a very unethical way to go about doing search engine optimization but it is a very real truth that many people use this tactic. Thankfully there are many companies out there that don’t use black hat tactics and when they help to rank your site they do it the right way and the rankings will last generally for a very good amount of time depending on the keywords and the competition in that specific niche. There are many great SEO companies out there and they are found all throughout the world. You need to be careful when choosing a company to work with and you need to be sure to do your due diligence to ensure that you are working with a company that is right for you and has the common goal of success for all their clients. If you’re looking for a search engine optimization company I highly recommend you give this company a look http://toptiermarketingseo.com also check out TopTierMarketingSEO Facebook Page and TopTierMarketingSEO Twitter Page along with their http://toptiermarketingseo.com/detroit.The work they do it impeccable and they are known for their great rankings.